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Gardening can be very rewarding with just one kit that takes care of basic plant nutrition and pests control for your garden. Hence keeping the garden healthy and free from pesky bugs & diseases.

Just one kit does the job Purna's  Plant Maintenance Kit - Large 

A combination of 5 bottles for Nutrients & Pest control : All are 180 ml 100% Organic & Natural.

  • Purna Grow+ - Panchagavya, Organic Plant liquid fertilizer. Used to boost growth also reduces the risk of diseases by increasing plant immunity. Helps fight diseases, cures already infested plants.
  • Purna Bloom+ - Organic method to increase plant flowering and fruiting also increase disease resistance. It provides micro-nutrients and hormones that stimulate growth.
  • Purna Herbal Power+ -This is made up of 6 different natural herbal extracts which effectively controls Caterpillars, whiteflies, thrips, and beetles.
  • Purna Nimo+ -This is a 100% organic Neem emulsion and effectively controls mealybugs, aphids, leaf-borers, fruit borers and stem borers.
  • Neem Power+: Made from Neem and Pongamia extracts, it effectively controls insects such as leaf miners, mealy bugs, borers, caterpillars, and defoliators.

 These are most efficient pest controls, this does not adversely affect the Human health, Children. Pets or Environment.


  •  Dilute 20 ml of the desired concentrate  in 1 L of water and shake well, Spray this on over 24 sqft area using a garden sprayer.
  • Neem Power being Oil will require Nimo+ (organic soap solution) to dilute with water. Mix both 20 mm each with 1 Litre water for spraying.

 Caution: Do not sprinkle with hands. Always use a garden pressure sprayer

  • The combo consists of a combination of Purna Grow+(180 ml) and Purna Bloom+(180 ml)
  • The products are 100% natural and are organically certified by various international certification agencies
  • Purna Grow+(180 ml) stimulate the plant growth by providing micronutrients and essential hormones for vegetative growth and resistance from pests and diseases
  • Purna Bloom+(180 ml) stimulate and initiate early budding and uniform flowering (for fruits) in plants.

Combo pack of Purna Growth+ (180 ml) & Purna Bloom+ (180 ml)
Purna Grow+ (180 ml), made from Panchagavya to be used on plants from seed to harvest.

Seed/seedling treatment before sowing; for root-dip of seedlings at transplanting and for spraying on plants thereafter.

Besides boosting growth, it reduces the risk of diseases by the sheer concentration of good organisms on the plant that keeps pathogens away. It helps maintain the yield levels during the transition from conventional chemical farming to organic agriculture. It increases the immunity of plants; cures already infested plants and other living organisms. 

Stimulates growth of plants with more branches increases yield.

Purna Bloom+ (180 ml), is made from Seaweed Extract provides micro-nutrients and hormones that stimulate growth, increase plant flowering, and fruiting.
Apply by spraying only. To be used when sowing seed, transplanting, buds appear and flowering.

Seaweed fertilizer is a natural plant growth stimulant that contains a natural balance of major and minor nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, and humic acid. It is suitable for all crops as both a seed soak and liquid fertilizer

Dosage: Dilute 20 ml of liquid in 1 Liter of water and shake well, Spray this on over 24 Sqft area using a garden sprayer.

TIP: Do not sprinkle with hands. Always use a pressure Garden Hand Sprayer for an even spread of solution on plant and best results.

Customer Support: If you have any doubts regarding the seeds or any aspect of planting them, just email us at

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