Shipping Guide


We delivery the products at your door steps through our partner network of carriers. We have developed optimized and effective packaging methods which are duely adopted by our Sellers by regularly enahancing their experitise. However, in rare situations, if you notice the packageing is not good causing damage to the products, please raise the complaint with details of damage immediatly. We will ensure to resolve the issue within 24 hours.

Types of Shipping Methods

To suit to your preference and urgency, we have designed 4 different type of shipping Methods. For your convience these methods,if available to your shipping address, appear at shopping cart and checkout events. 

Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery is available for the orders placed before 2:00PM IST and the orders received after 2:00 PM will be delivered next day. Same day delivery is available for selected products and postal codes only.

Expedited Delivery

If you are in hurry and cannot afford to wait, please choose Expedited delivery for quicker delivery. Expedited delivery is available only for Metro customers and our seller shipping location should be in the Metro's.

Standard Delivery 

For all the orders weighing less than 5Kg are delivered through this shipping method.

Surface Transport

For all the orders wighing over 10kg and above will only be shipped through surface transport. 


Last Updated Date - 30-Jan-2015