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E-commerce is revolutionising the organic industry

Consumers are excited that there is finally a website that sells ONLY organic products where the authenticity of the same can be verified, says Mallesh Tigali, CEO and Founder, Purna Organics, during a candid conversation with Retailer Media...


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Bangalore, August 7, 2015: Purna Organics Private Limited, a Bangalore based startup has launched an online marketplace – TheOrganic.Life ( -- to sell around 1,500 organic products in more than 100 categories and deliver them to households across India. 


Key highlights


             - First of its kind authentic & holistic platform for consumers to adopt an organic way of living.
             - The only company to follow traceability methodology to ensure that every certified product it sells is genuine.
             - A rare venture, empowering buyers to validate authenticity of products.
             - The first collaborative platform offering scale, reach and boundary less growth to unorganized players in this industry.
             - A unique selling platform that offers integrated distribution support to sellers.

Offering genuine products for a holistic organic living 
The Organic.Life( is an online shopping marketplace that goes beyond just organic food items and offers products across more than 100 categories to enable consumers to adopt an organic living. It offers around 1,500 products in home care, health care, wellness and lifestyle categories.

It is the only company that follows traceability methodology to verify every certified product it sells is manufactured using 100% certified inputs. Thus the consumers do not have to worry about the authenticity of the product they buy. The venture further brings in greater transparency and empowers buyers to check the organic certificate details of the products they buy. 

A rewarding value proposition for sellers

Our partnering sellers benefit from our state of the art distribution model, which aids them in supplying their products to a wide consumer base located across India in a cost effective manner. The model is especially beneficial to the unorganized players in the industry who lack the scale and reach to sell their products to a large consumer base in India. 

Growing the market while growing our business
At present, the organic products industry is facing head winds in acquiring certifications due to high costs and intricate procedures. The Organic.Life connects the sellers with certification agencies to assist them in getting their products certified as per international standards at a competitive cost. The Organic.Life collectively works with small and medium scale farmers to help them acquire organic certification at competitive certification rates. 

Unlike an e-commerce model, the venture puts greater pricing power in the hands of the producers and sellers in a transparent and fair manner. The company also provides sellers additional support that includes services like optimizing online operations to increase traffic to their products, conducting photo shoots of their products and writing high quality product descriptions for ease of selection by buyers.

Mallesh Tigali, Founder and CEO, Purna Organics says, “The urban lifestyle has replaced a number of natural ways of living. There is a yearning in many of us to lead a natural and healthy life. But consumers have difficulty in accessing genuine products, which are good for their health, are natural and at the same time cost effective. The Organic.Life is one-of-its-kind platform that collectively offers to consumers a wide range of organic products; provides to sellers logistics, packaging & labeling services; and imparts training related to organic gardening to individuals and families across India. Through this initiative we want organic products to become accessible and available in all parts of India.”

About Purna Organics Private Limited
Purna Organics was started in 2008 in Bangalore with a unique and innovative end-to-end organic terrace gardening solutions and services. It has now expanded into other categories through The Organic.Life enabling people to adopt a complete and holistic organic life. Purna Organic’s ultimate goal is to lead an organic revolution in the nation where organic food and products becomes affordable and accessible to all. 

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