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ORGANIC Is Derived From Living Organisms , Relating To, Yielding, Or Involving The Use Of Food Produced With The Use Of Feed Or Fertilizer Of Plant Or Animal Origin Without Employment Of Chemically Formulated Fertilizers, Growth Stimulants, Antibiotics, Or Pesticides. An Organic Food Or A Product Made From Organic Materials. A Substance, Especially A Fertilizer Or Pesticide Of Animal Or Vegetable Origin. Organic Agriculture Is An Ecological Production System That Nurtures And Enhances Biodiversity, Biological Cycles And Soil Biological Activity. It Is Based On Minimal Use Of Off-Farm Inputs And Utilizes Management Practices That Restore, Maintain And Enhance Ecological Harmony, Although Certain Organically Approved Pesticides May Be Used Under Limited Conditions. In General, Organic Foods Are Also Not Processed Using Irradiation, Industrial Solvents, Or Synthetic Food Additives.

When A Grower Or Processor Is "Certified Organic," It Means That A Public Or Private Organization Which Is Accredited By The National Accreditation Body (NAB) Has Verified That The Business Meets Or Exceeds The Standards Set Forth In The Indian (National Programme For Organic Production-NPOP) / USA (National Organic Program-USDA-NOP)/ European Organic Rules (Regulation EEC No. 2092/91). This Means The Farms And Facilities Have Been Inspected By The Certifying Agency And Random Samples Of Products, Soil And Water Have Been Taken And Tested. This Also Means Having Elaborated Internal Control Systems And Documentation The Government Of India Has Implemented The National Programme For Organic Production(NPOP). The National Programme Involves The Accreditation Programme For Certification Bodies, Standards For Organic Production, Promotion Of Organic Farming Etc. The NPOP Standards For Production And Accreditation System Have Been Recognized By European Commission And Switzerland As Equivalent To Their Country Standards. Similarly, USDA Has Recognized NPOP Conformity Assessment Procedures Of Accreditation As Equivalent To That Of US. With These Recognition, Indian Organic Products Duly Certified By The Accredited Certification Bodies Of India Are Accepted By The Importing Countries.