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Why do tennis players eat banana during match? Must read!

Why do tennis players eat banana during match? Must read!

If you’re a fan of tennis, I bet, you’ve seen the big names in tennis, such as Rafael Nadal, Sharapova, and Andy Murray eat banana often in the center court.

At first, I had hardly ever noticed that they took anything other than some energy sports drinks. But, regularly following their matches, I came to know that they have been eating bananas, every single time they went for a match.

Quite unusual. Of all the fruits in the world, why bananas? This became a factor for my curiosity for days and weeks. As I started becoming more inquisitive, I started searching all over the internet for reasons. I looked into the nutritional aspects of banana, what separates it from the rest of the fruits, and how the ‘banana diet’ benefits a sports person, and soon became sort of an expert in the ‘banana matter.’ The things that I found out were pretty amazing. I thought, why not share this awesome truth about this high-energy tropical fruit with you.

Am I sounding like you don’t know what banana is? Well, the truth is that most of you know what it is, but have not understood how much potential it has. So, let’s delve into more details!

Bananas Can Do Magic!

Yes, and this can be your game changing strategy. Nutritionists say that banana has the highest amount of potassium, compared to any other commonly available fruit in the market. Among the multiple health benefits of bananas, here are some important ones that would leave you craving for some bananas, especially during sports and workout sessions:

  • Adequate amount of potassium in banana gives sustained energy

If you are planning for a high-intensity sport or a long 1-2 hour workout, eating 2 bananas is sufficient enough to provide ample energy required by your body. It has a high potassium level that not just boosts your energy, but also prevents muscular cramps that might happen during extensive exercise.

  • The presence of natural carbohydrates ensures instant energy boost and prevents weight gain

Other than potassium, banana is also an abundant source of the three essential carbohydrates—fructose, glucose, and sucrose. While fructose and glucose are monosaccharides that boost your energy, sucrose is a disaccharide that is required to metabolizes glucose and fructose molecules. In layman’s term, the presence of these three sugars provide a long and sustained energy for your body. Also, you don’t need to be worried about weight gain, as the potassium present in the bananas balances the level of sodium and water content in the body, which in turn, prevents the increase in your body weight.

  • Effective sodium-potassium balance in banana protects your heart

Banana plays a key role in protecting your heart, as it supplies potassium (which obviously supports nerve transmissions). Your heartbeat relies on potassium to function, as it lowers blood pressure, and also improves the contraction of heart muscles. The potassium supply as well as the sodium-potassium balance give ample support for kidney stones.

  • Its high nutritional value prevents various chronic diseases

Banana is also an effective protection against heart diseases, cancers, as well as diabetes, as it contains a high amount of carotenoids (Vitamin A) and antioxidants. These antioxidants, along with vitamin B6 and B12, protect you from various diseases relating to brain and blood vessels. This means, it reduces the chances of stroke. A study also suggests that ‘lectin’, which is present in bananas, is a potential inhibitor of HIV virus replication. Banana also contains other nutrients including iron (beneficial to anemic patients), vitamin C, calcium, and proteins.

  • ‘GABA from banana’ nourishes your mind

Banana is considered as a rich source of the neurotransmitter called GABA or Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid, which is known for its ability to calm your mind. It also contains the amino acid called tryptophan—a precursor of the neurotransmitter ‘serotonin’, which gives you a feeling of safety and wellness. So, next time you feel anxious or worried, eat a banana and switch off from all your tensions.

A tropical fruit, banana is commonly cultivated in India and in almost all the countries in the tropical region. It is considered as an recommended diet for people of all age-groups, as it contains various vitamins, fibers, and minerals. So, who wants a banana?

tennis players eat banana

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