What our Star Sportspersons Diet Plan

What our Star Sportspersons Diet Plan

When you are into sports, you cannot afford to munch on anything and everything you come across. You have a physique to maintain, a certain level of fitness to achieve and most importantly, a country to represent. With millions being spent on health, fitness and nutrition, star sportspersons have to adhere to a strict diet most of the time. But does that really bar them from gorging on delicacies of their choice from time to time? Let us take a look at some of the food habits of popular sportspersons.

Michael Phelps
He is one of the most celebrated athletes in the history of swimming, thanks to his unparalleled achievement of bagging 28 medals till date. In order to maintain such a stature, he has to train himself rigorously and has to stick to a proper diet throughout. One of his breakthrough dietary accomplishments was during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, when he used to consume approximately 12,000 calories per day – 6 times more than the standard calorie intake. During that phase, his diet consisted of large amounts of carbohydrates such as pizza and pasta.

Virat Kohli
There is no denying the fact that he is a fitness freak and that he follows a strict dietary and workout regimen to keep up his performance on the field. Besides all the effort he puts in his training sessions, he is also particular about what he eats. These days, he is reportedly on a diet of fish, lamb and salads to maximize the protein intake. While on tours, he lives on pink salmon and lamb chops and drinks nothing but Evian (a brand of water which costs INR 500 for 1.5L). Despite the dietary regimen, he has a guilty pleasure for chocolate brownies.

Yuvraj Singh
Although he was initially not into healthy eating habits, he had to change his diet ever since he battled cancer and came back from the US. Nowadays he lives on eggs, milk and chicken, with very little indulgence. His guilty pleasure lies in kadhi chawal and matar paneer.

MS Dhoni
The Indian cricket captain does not follow a very strict level of diet but that has never affected his performance on the field. His diet usually consists of small servings of lentils or chicken along with chapattis, while his breakfast is comprised of cereals or porridge with assorted nuts and fruit juice. He also swears by energy drinks before his training sessions. He also likes to gorge on butter chicken at any time of the day.

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Usain Bolt
Popular Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has numerous success stories to his name. But it is known fact that this Olympic champion loves to gorge on food from McDonald’s. In fact he used to eat a whole lot of McNuggets and french fries during the Summer Olympics 2008 in Beijing. His diet comprised of 20 to 40 nuggets per meal. But this kind of food habits did not prevent him from taking home three medals that year.

Sportsmen always need to take special care of their diet to make sure their performance is not hampered. From organic food to protein rich diet and health drinks, they usually eat heavy meals between training sessions to give their best output. Fish, meat, cereals are staple for every sportsperson and there are specific add-ons at times, depending on what the sport demands.


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