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What Do You Need To Start A Terrace Garden?

What Do You Need To Start A Terrace Garden?

We all like the sight of lush green plants, but in the cities of concrete, greenery is fast becoming a rare sight. Luckily, we can bring greenery in our home and make our home environment healthy and positive. Terrace is one of the best places to start your small garden as it receives good amount of light every day. Here are some tips to start your very own terrace garden, brought to you by TheOrganic.Life-the best online store to buy organic gardening products, like organic fertilizers, organic seeds, gardening rakes, gardening kit etc at the most affordable rates.


When selecting the site for your terrace garden, choose an area that gets at least 2-3 hours or more of direct sunlight. /your terrace or balcony is generally strong enough to hold good amount of weight, but it is very important to make sure that adequate waterproofing has been done and it has a water drainage outlet.


Any container-empty oil can, a big water bottle, used buckets, ceramic objects, or any decent sized object that is able to hold water and soil and has a drainage outlet can serve as garden container. You can get pots made out of clay, mud, cement, terracotta, plastic etc.

Gardening tools

Make sure you have all the basic gardening tools to maintain your terrace garden. For starters, there is a very handy terrace gardening kit available at TheOrganic.Life that will take care of your entire basic terrace gardening needs.


Different plants have different sunlight requirements; some require direct sunlight, some require shade. If you are planning to have shade loving plants too in your garden, but have no area that receives shade, then you can consider installing a shade net, which cuts off the amount of sunlight hitting the plants.


If you have no idea about how much to water the plants then, watering every alternate day is good enough. Monitor your plants every day. If they look dried up, water them; if the top soil looks wet then watering is not required. In summers you need to water your plants more frequently-twice a day; in winters you can water every alternate day.

Starting a terrace garden can be great fun, if you have the right tools and knowledge. So, bring life in your home with terrace garden, visit TheOrganic.Life at- to buy the best quality organic gardening tools online.

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