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The Organic Life Offers 10% Off On All Organic Gardening Products This

The Organic Life Offers 10% Off On All Organic Gardening Products This Monsoon

It’s monsoon and it is a favorable time to once again arouse your gardening zeal. You need to some handy tools that will allow you to redefine your garden. These tools can be easily purchased online through The Organic Life. What adds to your motivation is the 10% discount offer on all organic gardening products. Check out right now.

Garden Inputs
Other than watering, plants require the right dosage of nutrients to attain healthy growth. The Organic Life markets garden inputs that have natural ingredients and safe for usage.

Purna Bloom
Purna Bloom is a garden input that can be freely used on plants right from seeding to harvesting stage. The pack is rich in hormones and micronutrients, which stimulate growth.

Purna Nutrich
Purna Nutrich is vermicompost and it one of the excellent natural fertilizers. It also helps you at soil building. So, it can be used as organic soil conditioner.  This vermicompost can be used on gentle and mild plants, and promotes healthy growth.

Pest Control Combo
The combo-pack comprises of Nimo+ and Neem Power+. It helps at repelling bugs, caterpillars, leaf miner and borers.

Neem Cake Powder
This pack contains Neem cake powder and weighs 400 gm. This organic fertilizer in India strengthens all kinds of plants including vegetable, fruits and ornamental plants.

The Organic Life also offers disease control through various organic products. Some of the brands include:

Calphomil comes in 100 ml pack. It’s an eco-friendly garden input and effective against fungal disease caused by pythium and phytophthora.

This is a 100 ml pack. This garden input works best for controlling files and hoppers.

Pots and Planters
Potted plants amplify the ambience of a garden. The Organic Life now presents to you a wide assortment of pots and planters crafted in various designs and sizes.

pots and plantersVertical Pot
Vertical pots are lightweight and durable. Available in different sizes and colors, these pots can be used outdoor or indoor decoratives.

Aesthetic Pot
These pots are extremely durable and light in weight. These pots can be used to decorate offices and homes by growing plant in them.

Planter Box
In planter box, a specially designed tray is fitted that allows retention of water. This relieves you from watering plants regularly.

Gardening Tools
Gardening tools from The Organic Life help you reduce stress as they offer a handy experience for gardening. These tools also allow you to get the desired yields after planting.

terrace gardening kit
Plant Starter Kit
This organic gardening aid retains heat and moisture required for germination. This kit allows uniform distribution and sowing of seeds in a single line.

Garden Hand Sprayer
This gardening aid bears lightweight construction. This is effective for spraying nutrients and repellants on plants.

Gardening Hand Shovel
Garden hand shovels from The Organic Life are best suited for minimal moving and digging of soil. The ergonomics is such that it reduces stress on hands.

Plant Support
This is specially designed to support plants that do not have a strong stem. This gardening aid also works effectively for creepers.

Terrace Garden Tool Kit
This gardening kit has been specially designed for terrace gardening. It can be used to sprinkle and sow seeds in line.

Garden Composter
Garden composter bears durable and rust proof construction. It contains multiple air vents, which allow uniform composting of food wastes.

organic vegetable seeds
Organic Seeds
If are planning to grow flowering or edible plants, you can do this by purchasing organic seeds online in India at The Organic Life. The flowering plant seeds include daisy red bellies, rose seeds and much more.

What else The Organic Life misses. It is hard to answer. By shopping at The Organic Life, this is the right time to exploit your gardening passion.

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