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Starting A Terrace Garden-What To Plant?

Starting A Terrace Garden-What To Plant?

There is nothing like one’s own home garden, where you can be amidst nature everyday and have a good time with your dear ones. So, what if you don’t have lots of space in your home, you can still enjoy the beauty of green plants in your terrace garden. One of the main questions that people ask when starting their terrace garden is-which plants are the best for terrace gardens? Let’s find out the answer, in this post, brought to you by-TheOrganic.Life-the best company to buy organic flower seeds and other types of seeds online in India.

Before you start the plantation

You can start your very own terrace garden, if your terrace is strong enough to support the weight of the pots or soil used in the plant beds. It is important to make sure that the terrace is fully waterproof and the plants beds or the plant containers are well drained. A particular type of plants can be arranged in small groups. For example, flowering plants can be put in one corner and evergreen plants can be put in another corner.

Which plants are the best for terrace gardens?

A terrace garden should not just please our senses by providing beauty and wonderful fragrance, but they should have therapeutic value too. You can grow a number of plants in your terrace or roof garden. From simple, beautiful and ornamental crotons to grassy asparagus; lovely flowering plants like roses, chrysanthemums, verbenas, marigolds, gladiolus, petunias, begonias, cannas, lilies, balsams, poinsettias to medicinal plants like-Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Bryophyllum, the options are too many. You can even consider having bonsai, which is a dwarf ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tray or shallow pot. You can grow dwarf varieties of fruit plants like figs, lemons, guavas, sapotas etc. You can even grow fresh vegetables, like mint, coriander, spinach, tomatoes, brinjal etc in your own kitchen garden, by getting the best varieties of vegetable seeds online, from TheOrganic.Life.

Proper planning and maintenance is the key to having a beautiful terrace garden, so start planning and order the best quality organic gardening tools and organic seeds online only from the reputed stores, like- TheOrganic.Life.

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