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Some Amazing Natural Ways To Beat The Heat In Summer

Some Amazing Natural Ways To Beat The Heat In Summer

When the scorching heat of Summer cracks open the soil dry and sucks up every bit of moisture, all we crave for is a bottle of cold drink and a packet of glucose. But, as we know, gulping down a bottle of soft drink every day is not a good habit at all. It can cause severe health problems in the future like liver problems, kidney stones and an increased level of cholesterol. So, what should you do? How to prevent the heat from taking up every bit of your energy? And, how can you get rid of those prickly heat rashes and pimples that aim to turn your Summer life a living hell? Nature has the answers to all these questions. The fruits and veggies that grow in Summer are not only juicy and refreshing but also consists of useful vitamins and minerals. Let us dig deeper into the matter to see how you can keep the heat at bay by following certain natural techniques.

Margosa Paste for Skin rashes

Take some Margosa (Neem) leaves and grind them into a paste with water. Apply it on the rashes regularly. The leaves have strong antibacterial properties and, they can get rid of heat rashes quite fast. You will definitely notice some improvement in a few days.

Aloe Vera Gel For Pimples And Heat Rashes

Grow an Aloe Vera plant in your home. The Aloe gel that can be prepared from a mature leaf is highly beneficial to treat adverse summer skin conditions and, they also provide a cooling effect. It is not that difficult to grow an Aloe Vera plant. All you need is a large container, well-drained soil and natural soil conditioners. It has variegated leaves that also enhance the aesthetics of your home interiors.

Watermelon Pulps For The Skin And Juice For Refreshment

Watermelon pulps are also great for pimples and rashes. Furthermore, watermelon juice reduces body heat to a great extent. It has high water content (more than 90%) and is quite rich in Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Carotene, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, and what not! So brace the Summer heat by drinking watermelon juice every day. You can even grow the giant fruit at home if you have the space to accommodate the plant properly, like a lawn or a backyard. Make sure you have a good supply of completely natural fertilizers. Also, grow your fruits in well-drained soil and take good care of them so that they thrive.

Musk Melons To Beat The Heat

Musk Melons are quite able to beat the heat as well. You can either buy them from the roadside vendors or you can grow your own if you have space and necessary ingredients. Muskmelons are rich in Vitamin A, C, Folic Acid and Potassium, giving you maximum refreshment during the hot season.

Cucumber For Dehydration Issues

If you suffer from problems of dehydration, cucumber can be an ideal medicine for you. This is another fruit which has 90% water content, besides Vitamin B, Vitamin C, K, Potassium and etc. You can either take it whole or you can drink it in the form of juice, putting a few drops of lemon it in.

Citrus Fruits To Get Rid Of The Heat

It is needless to say that the Indians love Citrus fruits in Summer like Lemons, Lime, Oranges and etc. While oranges are not available in the Summer season, lime and lemon can be easily grown at home. A glass of lime juice after a hot day feels like heaven. All of us have experienced the ecstasy, right?

Pomegranate Juice To Reduce Body Heat

The amazing wine-colored juice has tremendous benefits to reduce body heat, so much so that you can grow your pomegranate tree at home to get a regular supply of fruits. It is easy. Buy a 10-gallon container and fill a quarter with soil mix. Set the root ball into the soil and fill the surrounding areas, taking care not to cover the trunk. Water the tree and press the soil lightly to fill the air pockets. Pomegranates grow really well in direct sunlight and, you have no dearth of it during the Summer season, right?  Also, prune your tree regularly to enhance its appearance.

Now that you know what will keep you cool, let us discuss a few things that you should not do in Summer if you wish to stay healthy.

1. Do not gobble down fast food items. They will further heat up your body causing a lot of discomfort and health issues
B Keep sugary and carbonated drinks at bay, no matter how delicious they seem.  They will not cool your body but harm you in several other ways
3. Do not drink water outside. Carry your own bottle around and if possible buy packaged drinking water from a reliable store
4. Do not go out without your shades and your umbrella. You may get a heat stroke any time
5. Do not drink alcohol in Summer. It will make the heat unbearable

Stay safe and healthy in Summer. Grow juicy fruits in your garden and use natural fertilizers. Mother Nature has several ways of providing solace in adverse situations. You just need to have faith and do the right thing.

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