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Present a Beautiful Garden to Your Guests This New year

Present a Beautiful Garden to Your Guests This New year

garden-decor-338-x-217A beautiful organic garden is something that everyone desires for, the colours, diversity, fragrance and flavours of flowers and plants offer a fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere at home. A garden can also be used as a space for a garden party where one can entertain guests and showcase the blooming flowers and herbs. However, before opting to start a party in a garden, ensure that you are all set and ready to make a go.

How to make your garden presentable for a great party? Simple concepts and designs can bring out a huge change to your green garden and make it visually beautiful.

Add flowering plants

Add environment-friendly decors to your garden. Splashes of colours can enhance your garden. There is a wide range of herbs and vegetables that have beautiful flowers such as chives, spring onions, thyme, basils, etc. These herbs attract beneficial insects that in turn pollinate and clean up all existing pests. Use of good nutrition for abundant and uniform flowering as they are always a win-win for a garden decoration.

Group plants

Group those plants that have the same colour for a better impact. It’s an easy trick and works well for all gardens. The whole effort requires some planning but can be easily done if researched well. For example, you can plant roses at the edge of the garden bed as a border to highlight the shape of the garden. Try teaming up with contrasting colors to bring a drastic effect to your

Infuse garden art

First stand back and look what the garden space is lacking. If you have a wall that has to be hidden, you can hang a bamboo blind as a backdrop. Add a piece of a statue that adds glamour to your garden.

Outdoor art can be done using a wide array of materials. Use tables, furniture’s to wall mounted frames to help theme your garden.

Be Creative, choose our favourite plant or pot and keep it at the center of your balcony or lounge. Try to position plants in the best corner spots.

Apply your creativity

Use your imagination, and make pots and containers as a feature to highlight. You can put a taller plant like spring onions in the center and then surround it with smaller salad vegetables and herbs. Bring out striking combinations by selecting plants with different textures and colours.

Add Furniture’s

For a party, you definitely need the sitting space. Bring all table and chairs and choose tablecloths and settings that match the colour of the garden. Accentuate the beautiful blooms and lush greenery of your outdoor space by adding bright colour flowers for table decoration.

Having an organic and natural garden and using it up for a party will sure have a good appeal. Guests will not only have fun but will enjoy the fragrance and flavor of the plants and flowers. You just have to throw in your creativity and imagination to decorate your garden for a party.  Well, what else can be the best way to show your gardening skills to your guests.

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