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Plan Your Garden for the New Year

Plan Your Garden for the New Year

ith the New Year coming soon, there has never been a more inspiring time for an edible garden. Get set and organize your brand new garden to showcase it to your friends. Planning a garden don’t need acres of land, in fact, you can grow enough to feed your family by even gardening in containers on your balcony or porch.  Growing an organic vegetable garden saves money saves the planet and satisfies your gourmet appetites.

The main benefit of having a garden of your own is to have the pleasure of savouring a delicious, sun-warmed vegetables fresh from the garden. Each time you eat them, the flavour and texture would always exceed the grocery store produce as they are naturally grown with only organic inputs.


How to get started

First and foremost, plan on the vegetables that you would want to grow (that don’t require a large space, to begin with). As a starter, you can use containers or planters to grow the vegetables. You can easily get organic seeds  for your vegetables and herbs that are 100% natural at store. Today, many urban gardeners are opting for gardening tools kit that helps them quicken up their gardening work. Being a new gardener, you should look for easy options, such as bright coloured amaranths, that are not only easy to grow but looks beautiful and brighten up your living room. When it comes to vegetables, you can try growing green fragrant coriander, mint or healthy spinach for a quick start. These simple leafy vegetables can be easily cultivated and harvested in 2 to 3 weeks.

What to grow?

It is always best to start a small kitchen garden. Generally, new gardeners get a bit excited at the beginning and plant more what they acfresh vegetablestually need and later ends in wasting their hard work. So before, starting a garden, take a stock of how much and what your family will eat and then plan the vegetable garden. It is important to know that vegetables like tomatoes, peppers keep providing throughout the season and thus you may not need to plant many of these to serve your requirements. On the other hand, vegetables such as carrots, radishes, corns produce only ones and you many have to plant more of these.

Think of that perfect spot

There are three important requirements to be kept in mind before selecting the space for your organic garden.

  1. Sunlight – Most of the vegetables need at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sun. So, the balcony or your terrace will fit the bill. If the plants don’t get enough light, then they will be more susceptible to attack from insects or diseases. However, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce do not require much of sun and can grow wonderfully.
  2. Water Requirement – Water is a very important ingredient to growing a plant. At least every alternative day you will have to water your plants which will help them grow. But sometimes, due to time constraint, if you are not able to water the plants, you do not have to worry, as today the market has self-watering planters, drip water systems as options. These planters can be left without watering for a week and yet will help grow healthier plants and flowers while reducing your watering chores.
  3. Magic soil – Gardening starts with soil and most of the vegetables do best in moist, well-drained soil that is filled with organic nutrients (kitchen waste and compost).

Gardening is a beautiful art that can help you in relieving stress that you gather in the day to day life. When you start gardening you have to be a little patient as the germination will take a while, but once the seed germinates the plant will grow steadily that will be a delight to watch.  So, if you are planning to surprise your friends and relatives, then start planning for your brand new garden now.

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