Organic Gardening Tips for Small Space Gardens in Summer

Organic Gardening Tips for Small Space Gardens in Summer

The scorching heat is becoming unbearable day by day!
Summer in India is the season that everyone takes a lot of time to get adjusted fully. Tiredness and fatigue are two significant observations during this period. But, if you have a hobby like gardening, you can indulge yourself in it to get rid of the monotony.

These days you do not need to buy a big house with a huge backyard if you have a thing for gardening. Effective utilization of small spaces, for example, the balcony, can turn your gardening dreams into reality. The apartment owners of today do not brood over the fact that they have no space to start a beautiful garden. Instead, they use various techniques to optimize the limited space for gardening.

If you are one among them, you will find multiple ways to turn your small apartment into the Garden of Eden, that too in Summer. All you need are some effective gardening tools, organic fertilizers, vertical planters of various colors and organic seeds (both vegetables and flowers).

The plants you may grow during Summer
If you have a South or South-West facing balcony, it is likely for the plants to receive enough sunlight. So, you should start with heat-resistant flowers and vegetables like:

• Pentas – This tropical flower adds immense beauty to your balcony with their bright colors like red or light pink. They can also tolerate the extreme Summer heat to a great extent.

• Marigold – These yellow and golden brown flowers can change the complete appearance of your balcony garden. And they are resistant to severe heat. So, you need not worry while growing them in pots on your balcony.

• Sunflowers – Yes! You can grow them in containers but you have to take certain measures to ensure a full bloom. Plant the Sunflower seeds in well-drained soil, use a polyethylene cover with small holes in it and place it in an area that receives ample amount of sunlight. Your tiny Sunflower garden will bloom after 7-10 weeks.

• Vegetables – Not only flowers, but you can also grow numerous vegetables in Summer, that too in your balcony garden. Buy a suitable container or, planter, to be precise and use natural fertilizers for maximum growth. A few summer vegetables that you can grow in your balcony garden are Green onions, Beans, Lettuce, Radish, Water Melon, Eggplants, Brinjals, Sweet Potatoes, Peas and so on. These plants are heat-resistant and can tolerate extremes of temperature with a little help from you, of course.

Now, just swipe through (or scroll down) the following points to know how to start your Garden of Eden:

Fertilize Your Soil
Use only organic compost and organic plant growth promoters to prepare your soil for the growth of flowers or vegetables. You will get ample products online for your balcony or terrace garden. These fertilizers or organic compost help the plant resist excessive heat and harsh climatic conditions in Summer.

Use Plants With An Extensive Root System
Plants with hard roots like Sweet Potatoes, Hibiscus, Onion and Ginger, help them survive through the excessive Summer heat. They are both affordable as well as require less watering at regular intervals. Thus, you do not have to spend much time in your garden.

Use Shade Clothes
Shade clothes can help your plants to thrive in Summer by preventing them from the heat rays of the Sun. But, be careful while setting up the shade. After all, you have a small space garden, right?

Mulching is indispensable to your plant’s health in Summer. Not only it helps the soil to retain moisture and essential nutrients but also protects it from the harmful UV rays of the Sun during Summer.

Summer gardening can be a tad difficult in the lawn or backyard as you are going to be tired pretty soon. But, you have a small garden on your terrace or the balcony, it will be easy for you to look after them regularly. Furthermore, you can always buy your gardening tools and products online including the organic seeds and natural fertilizers without any hassle. So, get up and start working on your balcony garden this very moment!

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