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Organic Fertilizer, a right choice to Your Kitchen Garden

Organic Fertilizer, a right choice to Your Kitchen Garden

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Ask any kitchen gardener, if they would prefer organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer for their garden and the response will be unanimous “Organic Fertilizer”. Why? Because they are free from chemicals & its hazards, environment-friendly and hold much more benefits when compared to chemical fertilizers. A good fertilizer is a secret behind any flourishing and thriving garden. It offers sustainability and increases the productivity & growth quality of the plants.

Why does one need organic fertilizers?

We use fertilizers as an essential input in gardening also called plant food. You many have the best soil to start with, but with time the nutrients in it deplete and need to be replenished, time to time depending on the stage of plant growth sapling & branching (vegetative), budding/flowering and finally the fruits bearing stage.  Each Stage calls for a different need of organic nutrients from Organic fertilizers. These organic fertilizers come from plant, animals, and minerals and they contain a variety of nutrients to enhance the soil ecosystem.  All varieties of organic fertilizers are readily available at our online store.

Organic Fertilizer typesTypes of some organic fertilizers are

  1. Plant-based Fertilizers
  2. Animal-based Fertilizers
  3. Minerals

We would discuss each of these in the upcoming blogs.


Benefits of using Organic Fertilizer in your garden

  • Enhanced Soil Fertility – Organic inputs ensure that the soil is fertile for a long time. Not only does it adds nutrients to the soil, but also improves the quality and structure of it which in the long run increases water retention and drainage. When compared to chemical fertilizer (Which kills and damages other friendly living organisms), Natural ingredients like wood ash promotes the growth of plants, keep the ecosystem healthy, provide a constant and balanced supply of nutrients and develops root growth. In addition to it, organic fertilizers feed and sustain microorganisms that exist in the soil, whereas chemical products often destroy by increasing acid levels in the11298404 - close up view of a compost pile with turning pitchfork in summer with grass and daisies in the background.soil.
  • Environment Advantages – Organic fertilizers are easily biodegradable and thus do not cause environmental pollution. The natural fertilizers enhance the moisture retention in the soil, conducive for life in it (drought resistant).
  • Trace Minerals – The nutrients existing in the organic fertilizers are retained for a long time whichprovides more balanced nutrients to the plant and keep the plants. 
  • Less Risk of Plant Injury –The process of natural fertilizer is slow but steady. It is gradually broken down by soil microbes before the nutrients can be absorbed by the plants. Due to the slow process of fertilizers, the risk of overfeeding and burning of plant roots is reduced.

Organic Fertilizers are the best food a plant can get. It can be easily made at home, by recycling our daily kitchen waste. It not only cleans our kitchen but does wonders to our garden. So, next time, when you plan a garden… opt for natural fertilizers and see the miracle that it does to the kitchen garden.

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