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How To Pick Suitable Organic Pots For Your Garden?

How To Pick Suitable Organic Pots For Your Garden?

One of the greatest delights in life is to watch your plants grow in front of your eyes. People who love gardening look at their plants as their children, and not some green living thing that decorates empty spaces and provides oxygen. Thus, they take maximum care to ensure that their plants stay healthy and look beautiful despite the limited spaces in which they are kept.

Generally, the urban dwellers prefer to grow their plants in balconies or terraces due to lack of space. Thus, it becomes all the more important to find the right containers and start your organic garden. Now, how are you going to choose the right containers? Can regular things like a plastic box, sacks, unused buckets serve their job? Yes, they can. But, if you are a bit skeptic about aesthetics, then you should select decorative, yet, cost effective organic pots for your small space gardens.

Choosing The Right Containers For Your Plants

You need to consider several things when choosing the vessel you want to put your plants in –

Type of Material –
1. Try to acquire details about the manufacturer.
2. Is the container porous?
3. Can it absorb chemicals through the surface and the walls?
4. Is it durable?
These are some of the major considerations when deciding the right material for your organic pots.

Size of the Pots
1. They should be large enough to accommodate your plants and enable free growth
2. The depth of the container should match the root depth of the plants you are planning to grow
3. The size of the organic pots should also cater to the amount of soil needed by the plant to grow freely

Shape of the Container
Square, rectangular and cylindrical containers have more soil volume at the bottom. Moreover, they help retain moisture better. It has been observed that the plants growing in straight size containers are healthier and have a stronger root system. When you are out buying containers, keep in mind that the top 2” of soil is not utilized by their roots. Hence, your preference should always be for vertical organic pots that also take limited space in your balcony or terrace.

Color of the Planters
Lighter colors reflect light, keeping the plants cool, while darker colors absorb light, preventing freezing during the cold season. Furthermore, it is best to opt for organic pots of solid color, instead of patterns. This is because the leaves of your plants display variegated patterns making the solid color of the base appear soothing to the eye.

Now that you know what defines a good container for your plant, you can find an online store that offers such organic pots at reasonable prices. Browse through the products and look into their details. You will definitely find suitable options without stepping out of your homes. Let the garden grow at its own pace and impart a beautiful green ambiance to your living room (or the terrace).

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