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How Organic Fertilizers Help The Soil?

How Organic Fertilizers Help The Soil?

Soil is one of the most important factors deciding the quality of our plants. The type of fertilizer we use can have a profound effect on the soil quality. While chemical fertilizers may show immediate effect, they can cause permanent damage to the soil. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand are made using natural products, thus improving soil quality in the safest manner. Here are some reasons why using organic fertilizers can be beneficial for your soil, brought to you by TheOrganic.Life-the best online store to buy bio organic fertilizers.

How organic fertilizers work to make your soil better?

Synthetic fertilizers do help the plant roots and plants to grow, but they do nothing to improve the quality of the soil. Here are some main reasons why organic fertilizers are preferred over chemical fertilizers:

  • Organic fertilizers slowly release their nutrients over a period of time, thus improving the soil quality.
  • Organic fertilizers improve the soil structure; increase the organic content and increase the activity of the microorganisms, which is very important to make the soil healthy and fertile. Improved soil structure means, better yield and better water and nutrient holding capacity.
  • Sufficient amount of organic matter in the soil helps ensure that nutrients are available to the plants on a steady basis, promoting root growth and healthy growth of the plants.
  • Organic fertilizers increase nutrient storage mechanisms in soils, lessening the chance of over-fertilization.
  • By regular use of organic fertilizers, plants planted in the soil become healthier and able to put off pests and diseases.
  • Organic fertilizers help retain soil moisture, thus preventing topsoil erosion.


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Why chemical fertilizers are bad for your soil?

Use of chemical fertilizers leaves the soil depleted of nutrients and devoid of life. They can supply three to five nutrients, but make the soil toxic and increase the pH levels of the soil.

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