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Grow Your Own Lemon Indoor

Grow Your Own Lemon Indoor

Growing your own lemon indoors has its added advantage. Think about the storm that you can cook up at the kitchen with the freshly plucked lemon. Needless to say that the home grown lemon has much more zing to it than those purchased off the shelves. Besides a lemon tree bearing fruits does wonders to liven up the dull space inside your room. Though it seems like a daunting task to achieve the feat, it is not so tough in reality. A bit of proper planning and daily care can help you to achieve this without breaking a sweat.

Choosing the tree for bearing the citrus fruit is the first consideration that you should have. Growing a plant from seed is not a bright idea. It is better to buy a sapling from the shop which is at least 2 to 3 years old. The dwarf variety of the lemon tree, such as the Meyer lemon is a good idea if you are pretty focussed on getting a fruit bearing lemon tree inside your home. This is a hardy variety of the lemon tree that doesn’t need much care and is ideal for indoor conditions. It is generous when it comes down to bearing fruits and the fruits are medium sized but extremely juicy.

The lemon tree is maintained at 3 to 5 feet height, therefore occasionally keep cutting the vertical growth. Focus on cutting the diseased or broken branches of the tree. But while pruning be careful about not to cut too many leaves as this might stunt growth as well as reduce the yield. You also need to prune the roots occasionally, as the tree stops producing fruits if the roots grow out of control. Remove the tree from the pot and expose the roots, cut the biggest root around root ball. Shave off the roots around the root ball by half to one inch.

Lemon plants prefer a slightly acidic soil for growth. Use organic soil conditioner along with all purpose mix to achieve the ideal soil base. A peat moss based mix will do wonders for the plant. Do not be thrifty about the pot soil as it will play a major role in the nourishment of the plant and eventually to the fruit production. Keeping the soil moist as well is necessary. Since the indoor of a house is in general dry, it is a good idea to spray water on the plant once every day.

Your lemon plant will need sunlight. If you are keeping it indoor and away from the sunlight, it is a good idea to place it under the sun once in a while. Keep it on the roof or take it out in the balcony where it can get ample sunlight.

The last but not the least thing that you will have to keep in mind is the pollination of your lemon plant. Since the plant is grown indoors, insects and bees cannot pollinate it. So you need to rub the pollen inside the flowers with a cotton swab or a paint brush. This will facilitate pollination.

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