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Gardening Basics To Start Your Organic Garden

Gardening Basics To Start Your Organic Garden

Though gardening isn’t based on fixed set of rules, but there are certainly some basic guidelines that need to be followed. Let’s take a look at some useful tips, brought to you by TheOrganic.Life-the best online store to buy organic fertilizers, organic gardening tools such as gardening rakes, gardening soil, gardening pots, gardening hoses etc.

Choose a good site for your garden

The amount of sun exposure your gardening site receives, decides which plants you would be able to grow in your garden. So, always choose an appropriate site according to the plants you wish to grow. Skip Planting in Shade or Poor Soil

Use good soil for a good start
Soil is the secret to successful gardening. So, what kind of soil to use? Work in manure, compost or dried peat moss for nutrient-rich planting beds. Simply scooping some soil from your yard to grow your plants in, is a bad idea as garden soil contains bacteria, which can be harmful to your houseplants, so either use a commercial potting soil or sterilize the soil by baking it in a 180 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Keep gardening tools handy

There are various gardening tools available at TheOrganic.Life to make gardening fun and easier. Some basic gardening tools include-good pruners, gardening hand shovels, trowels, hoes, water cans, hose etc.


Seeds come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. Make sure you buy good quality organic seeds to ensure good produce. You can buy the best quality organic seeds online by visiting TheOrganic.Life.

Fertilize according to soil type

It is very important to keep the soil type in mind when fertilizing the soil. For example, sandy soil needs to be fertilized more often, whereas clay soil needs to be fertilized less. Also, knowing the pH of the soil is very important.

When to water the plants

When it comes to watering, there are no hard and fast rules. It depends on the type of plant, the soil, the weather, the time of year and many other variables. So, always do a proper research before you start your garden.

Prune your plants regularly

Plants benefit from regular pruning and maintenance. Fruiting and flowering plants prefer to be pruned while they are dormant, whereas spring blooming trees need to be pruned shortly after flowering. Make sure to use good quality plant pruners to avoid damage to your plants.

Once you know the basics, gardening will be fun. So, start gardening and get the best quality organic fertilizers, organic seeds, organic pots and organic gardening tools, by visiting TheOrganic.Life at-

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