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An All in One Maintenance Kit for a Healthy & Pest free Garden.

An All in One Maintenance Kit for a Healthy & Pest free Garden.

Do you have a small garden, either out of passion or profession? If yes, you also care for its wellbeing. While one tends and cares for their garden they may come across a few pests. Pests can cause harm to the plants flowers and its produce which is why it is important to keep them at bay. Pesticide may seem as a quick fix option but also poses health hazards to the garden soil, your family, pets and ecology. Organic resistance and pest control are a better solution to the problem It is Less expensive, non-poisionous and beneficial to the plant’s overall growth.. Using organic pest control products can easily prevent the pests from thriving on your plants by forcing them to leave without killing them directly.

Organic Growth Promoter helps plants to grow further and get a fuller shape, also a healthy plant develops it own resistance to diseases.. Hence you can use natural and organic ways to keep pests under control without hampering the development of the plant or causing any damage to them. However, pests are not the only things which affect the growth and development of plants. Diseases can also be detrimental to gardens by killing plants.

TheOrganic.Life bring you a complete organic maintenance kit to boost plant health which can keep your plants healthy fresh and thriving throughout the year, also a pest/disease control measures if encountered-

Purna Bloom:
Made from seaweed extract, this can nourish your plants by providing them with necessary micronutrients and hormones, promoting further blooming and fruiting. It can also increase the immunity of plants and prevent them from being affected by diseases. You can simply spray or sprinkle it on your plants and watch the plants grow healthily.

Purna Grow:
This is another nourishing product that can be used on plants in any stage, starting from seedlings to the stage when they are harvested. When used appropriately, it can increase the resistance of plants to diseases, especially drought.

Herbal Power:
A blend of six different herbs, it can get rid of insects like caterpillars, white flies and various beetles.

Neem Power:
Neem power, which is made from a mixture of Neem and Pongamia, can prevent insects from eating the leaves of your plants, whereas Neem Kernal Extract makes the leaves of the plants bitter, thus affecting their taste. This subsequently affects the eggs and larval stages of insects as they cannot eat the bitter leaves.

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Nimo+ :
Nimo is an effective Neem soap emulsion which can affect a wide variety of insects which feed on plant leaves like leafhoppers, mealybugs, aphids, plant bugs, caterpillars, etc.

Purna Grow well:
Also known as Panchagavya commonly– It is a mixture of five different elements – cow urine, cow dung (Gomaye), cow milk, cow milk curd (Godadhi) and cow milk ghee (Goghrta). Panchagavya has extraordinary healing abilities which can prevent a lot of diseases in plants.

The Organic Life constantly thrives at making gardening a easy and fruitful exercise while helping you lead a organic lifestyle. The above products have been researched and made with a urban gardener in mind which give the blend of natural remedies in a easy pack for quick use. Purna Grow Well, Purna Bloom & Purna Grow are plant growth promoters, they help in nurturing and keep plants green . On the other hand, keeping the pests away from these plants can be addressed by using herbal pest control products like Herbal Power, Nimo+ and Neem power.

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