A Garden for Everyone – Fresh Air, Visual appeal and Therapeutic Value

A Garden for Everyone – Fresh Air, Visual appeal and Therapeutic Value

Plant lovers and aesthetics conscious people often have small plants in pots indoors by their windows or on their center tables in the living room. Having indoor plants can have a lot of benefits, apart from adding beauty to the room decor. Indoor plants have positive impact on our health of human beings. Planting indoors is no rocket science. Tulsi & Jware (grains for offerings to goddess) have been a part of our tradition as well. It’s a good idea to consider organic gardening with organic vegetable seeds. The following are a few benefits of this practice:

Improve the Air You Breathe:
The indoor plants need appropriate planters to grow well and to keep interiors clean and beautiful. It is a known fact that plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen during daytime through the process of photosynthesis. Keeping indoor plant in the room can increase the fresh air in the room. Although this process of taking in and giving out carbon dioxide gets reversed at night, there are certain plants like orchids, succulents, etc. which can retain the constant flow of oxygen even at night, thus allowing better sleep.

Steer Clear of Illness:
Plants can help maintain optimum humidity in the air through the process of transpiration. In places where the climate is dry and there is a lack of moisture, indoor plants can be a great saviour. Studies have revealed that keeping plants indoors can reduce chances of dry skin, dry coughs and sore throats. Plants help maintain optimum humidity in air (also indoors) which prevent transmission and survival of the flu virus.

Indoor Plants Keep the Air Clean:
Plants remove toxins from air, toxins released from cigarettes, polythene, various perfumed items etc. They carry these toxins to the soil and convert it to plant food, thereby reducing pollution and improving quality of air indoors. Indoor plants are great companions and cleaning agents.

Plants Can Aid in Healing Process:

Adding small plants near ill patients (at home or in hospital) aids recovery. They also have a calming effect, while their vibrant colors help uplift the mood of the individual there. Gardening has always been recognized as a therapy so as long as you enjoy it, one can develop hobby of gardening to heal.

How to Achieve This?

5-6 plants per room in 5-6 inch post can help reduce fatigue and improve the quality of air. It is good to start organic as chemical fertilizers or pesticides cause pollution and hamper the ecological balance, thus defeating the purpose.

Always start with space in mind and choose plants and planter sizes accordingly. Use ready potting mix which can give balanced nutrition to plants and help reduce the daily chores of watering while giving you all the benefits. Use organic pest control to ward off common pests and disease control through improved plant resistance.

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