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8 Vegetables to Grow in Your Organic Terrace Garden

8 Vegetables to Grow in Your Organic Terrace Garden

With the congestion of city life, vegetable gardens for apartment dwellers seems to be a difficult prospect. However the concept of Organic Terrace Garden  is gaining ground everywhere, as more apartment dwellers want their own home-grown vegetables. With proper research, you can grow fresh vegetables in your high-rise building. We have found these following vegetables that you can grow in your terrace garden. Take a look –

Tomatoes don’t always require sprawling spaces to grow. They can grow well even in hanging baskets, planter pots, window boxes and many other types of containers. You can easily grow them in any sized container, almost throughout the year. Make sure that the container is spacious/ large enough to grow your tomato plant without hassles. You can begin with tomato seeds or starter plants, whichever you like. Also, you can add a cage to the outside of the planter pot or container for additional support as the tomato plant gets taller.

Another brilliant option for home grown vegetables is carrot. Just like tomatoes, the carrots can also be grown in planter boxes or small containers. Carrots have different varieties such as short and sweet, little fingers, Thumbelina etc. If you religiously water the plant, you are more likely to grow healthier plants. If you are looking to have longer plants, then make sure to choose spacious planter pots/containers.

The usages of onions are uncountable. From making yummy salads to spicing up a dish, onions top the priority lists of many cooks. They are delicious to eat and what better than to have a home produce of onions! Onions are small in size and can easily fit in your terrace or backyards. Especially, green onions are known to grow well in small containers. All you require is a planter pot/ container, which is about 5/6 inches deep. Within the size, you can grow onions with ease.

Potatoes are probably one of the easiest planter vegetables to grow. It is always fun to grow potatoes in a planter pot. You require a container, which is about 10/12 inches deep. In these pots, you can easily plant 3 to 4 potatoes . Since, potatoes need adequate water, plastic planter pots are advisable. Therefore, make sure to water them adequately, so that your potato plants grow healthy and start to produce soon. Also, make sure their stems are fully covered with soil. The potatoes will flourish within a couple of months.

The best part of growing radishes is that they can grow well even in small sized plastic or wooden planter pots. You must scatter the seeds at the top level of a container. Make sure to water them religiously, which helps in keeping the soil moist diligently. To fetch the best results, emphasize on using the organic soil conditioner.

Yes beets! Beet can grow well in small spaces, thanks to its teeny tiny size. However, if you wish to have the best results, opt for the premiere quality agricultural plant growth promoters. Buy a planter pot that has at least 12 inches depth, so that the beets can grow hassle-freely. You can grow about six/seven different beet plants, within this space. Go for baby beets, if you want to increase the number.

With capsicum prices reaching the roof, it’s time to look for a solution closer home. With a little patience and care, you can grow capsicums in a planter box. Start with a pot of good seeding mix. Tickle the top of the soil with your finger, and then sprinkle the seeds over the top of your container and add up a little more soil to get it fully covered. Give it a little water, just enough to get the soil damp. But, make sure the soil is not too wet.

The teeny tiny chilies can fit in any size planter pots. Make sure the weather is warm enough prior to putting them outside. Water the chilies adequately before transplanting, so that the soil of the container does not fall apart while they are removed from the planter pot. Be cautious whilst removing the seeds from the container. Water adequately, as it works great in growing chilles.

Vegetable seeds are widely available at several nurseries. But, if you want to shop for affordable and 100% organic Vegetable Seeds without leaving the comfort of home, then Purna Organics can be your best bet.


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