8 Gardening Tools you Need to Start a Garden.

8 Gardening Tools you Need to Start a Garden.


Gardening is a natural way to start a fun activity that can be transformed as a hobby. With each passing day, you will feel energized and rejuvenated. And the day when you see the first sprout, new leaf, a new bud, a flower or a fruit on your plant, you would feel that you have achieved something outstanding.

As suggested in the previous article, every gardener will require a few basic tools but, why use tools at all? Tools play an essential role in your organic kitchen garden and make your work easy and relaxed. They help improve efficiency and reduce finger fatigue and speed up the work. So, shape your new garden with ideas that are out of the box and impress all. This is where gardening tools will help you to accomplish your dream.

Let’s understand the gardening tools that help you maintain that perfect and radiant garden:

  1. Seedling Tray: Sowing seed is the first step towards Kitchen gardening. There are many ways to sow seeds, but using seed tray is the best alternative today available in the market. By using the seed trays, seedlings are allowed to do the initial growing in a controlled environment before they move over to a larger space. Seed trays are already divided up and in each hole, one seed can be sown which gives it an ample room to grow. The seeds that germinate and grow can be later transplanted. Transplanting helps plants grow vigorously.
  2. Garden Hand Sprayer: When you need to water smaller plants or plants that are indoors, you need a garden hand sprayer. It throws out smaller amounts of water and keeps the small plants safe from over watering. It can be also used as a liquid treatment sprayer, for example, you can use it to spray organic products like neem oil on plants to control pests. A sprayer nozzle can be adjusted to choose the right spray for the plants from fine mist for watering or spraying nutrients or pest control solution or to pressure jet to wash away pests. All you need to do is just fill the jars with the desired liquid.
  3. Planters / Containers: Containers and planter are the best options when you want to plan an organic kitchen garden in a limited space. You can easily cultivate your favourite flowers and vegetables anywhere by planting them in beautiful containers. Nowadays, you also get self-watering containers and planters that are helpful when you plan for a vacation and leave the plants for a week without water. You may move them for indoor décor or better sunlight as well.
  4. Watering Can & Hose: Water is an essential nutrient for a plant and watering can is the best tool that comes to your rescue. Ensure that the water can have a longer spout for better balancing. Similar to water can, hose also helps with irrigation of plants, but it cleans the plant as well. The deposits of soil and loose dirt on your kitchen garden can be easily done away by this channelized orientation of watering. There are a variety of watering products in the market and online, you can choose a watering can or hose depending on what appeals you the most, from lightweight plastic to attractive brass and copper ones.
  5. Shovel: Shovels are handy to dig, and move soil/compost in the planter or in garden trenches. It helps to address the issue of aeration. Without it, no saplings can be planted, no containers potted and no seeds can be sown in the ground. The handles are made of wood or plastic for easy grip. A lightweight shovel helps reduce hand fatigue.
  6. Rake: A garden rake is an essential tool for safe lifting out the roots of an established plant. It also helps in harvesting organic root vegetables. Rake is a handy gardening tool for tiling or sowing seeds and cleaning dry leaves, weeds from the garden.
  7. Cutters: Keep a constant check on the plants and shrubs that grow in your Organic kitchen garden. If they overgrow, use the cutters to keep them within bounds. When selecting a cutter, choose the one with a swivel handle, as they are easy to grip and quicken your work.
  8. Sieve: There may be several reasons for using a sieve in your garden. One, when you make compost at home, you need a sieve to refine it and add the finer parts to the plants (compost is the best organic input for your plants). Sometimes, even for removing seeds and stones from the soil, the sieve can be utilized. The soft soil helps in quick germination and growth of a plant.

Tools are essential for each garden; it makes your work simpler and smoother.  The choice of the tools depends on what job you are planning to perform in your garden. When you buy tools, look for the quality and avoid tools that are heavy for you. To make your tools work effectively and to last long, it is essential that you clean your garden tools regularly after every use.

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