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7 Reasons to start your own Organic Kitchen Garden.

7 Reasons to start your own Organic Kitchen Garden.


A kitchen garden of vegetables, herbs and other ingredients to your cooking but there are many more reasons to start your own Organic Kitchen Garden. These amazing 7 are;

  1. Fresh, Healthy and Tasty: The vegetables grown at your own organic kitchen garden are fresh, healthy and organic i.e free from pesticide residues. You can grow vegetables round the year that provides a balanced nutrition to you and your family. They taste better than the ones purchased from stores as they are not stored for a long time. You can pluck them just before cooking. Organically grown vegetables are known to have higher levels of vitamins and nutrients in them! Homegrown vegetables also save you from consuming the harmful chemicals used to increase shelf life and the luster of the vegetables.
  2. Cost savings: Supermarkets are getting expensive these days and it is going to save you money if you grow your own vegetables in your own space. Also if the veggies carry an organic label (tough to find one!), it may cost you more!. An organic seed packet would cost you as much as the single vegetable may cost at one time of purchase. So once you grow them by yourself, you can actually eat organic veggies for a You could save a few seeds for the coming sowing season.
  3. Physical Exercise: Your kitchen garden provides you good physical exercise a breath of fresh air and some sunlight soaking all while you are taking care of your plants (soil preparation, watering, pruning and harvesting). In addition, it acts like a stress buster which is much needed these days to most of us!
  4. A family hobby: Kitchen Gardening can become a much-loved hobby of your family with multiple benefits, where you spend good quality time with your loved ones. It also helps to explore and experience the beauty of nurturing the plants.
  5. Clean Air to breathe: That little green patch at your home helps in increasing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide levels in its immediate surroundings. Thus you can contribute your part to improve the surrounding environment. Plants also provide a cooling effect on the surrounding.
  6. Cleaner Neighborhood: Once you start your kitchen garden you will know the importance of compost. This is the organic nutrient rich food for your plants. So you will start composting too with the help of composter. Thus the wet waste from the kitchen (vegetable and fruit peels, egg shells, tea and coffee powder) will become compost instead of being disposed of in landfills creating stink and
  7. Spruce up your terrace and balcony: The little patch of plants with various beautiful coloured flowers and fruits amidst green leaves is a feast to eyes and soul. It adds life, colour and beauty to your terrace and balcony. You can be a proud owner of such beautiful space!

We think these reasons are good enough to start with your own kitchen garden. You must be thinking you don’t have much knowledge to start with, don’t be discouraged. All you need is interest and enthusiasm to take some time out to get your hands dirty for a good cause.

Experiences, comments, and queries are most welcome.

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