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6 important household practices you should change to detox your home a

6 important household practices you should change to detox your home and keep your family healthy

Are you on a household detoxification spree? Good, and well, that’s the first step you must be taking in order to lead an organic life yourself. Also, I’m pretty sure you’ve been stuck somewhere thinking where to start from.

So, to begin with, there are some important facts you should know and some practices you must change for a complete home detox. Read on to find out what they are.

Also, read the step-by-step guide for a complete household detoxification to get a detailed answer for your “how to effectively detoxify your home” question.


  • Switch to natural & toxin-free household cleaners


Did you know that an average home has roughly around 500-1000 harmful chemicals, that you are unable to see or feel. Although, it is a fact that they are present only in a small quantity, the problem arises when you are exposed to it in a larger amount.

If you’re thinking that you clean your household daily, the real problem is not just how often you clean, it is also with what kind of product that you clean. The point is that the cleaners and detergents you use to clean your floors and utensils also have harmful chemicals in it. This, especially, is dangerous for babies and infants. So, what’s the remedy? Simple. Switch to natural household cleaning products such as floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and kitchen cleaners. If you’re looking for household cleaners that are both natural and effective, then TheOrganic.Life can be a reliable destination for you. As we go only with organic or organic-compliant products, our store has a range of cleaning products and household supplies from various popular brands.


  • Use plastics and synthetic materials wisely


Plastic, most often contains Bisphenol A (BPA), which has direct link to various fatal diseases such as cancer, Phthalates, and development and endocrine problems. So, if you use plastic food packaging or vinyl teethers or even plastic bottles at your home, you should seriously consider replacing it. Instead, you can use aluminium foils or bottles made from glass or BPA-free plastic, and keep your children away from toys that are marked with a grading of 3 or constructed with PVC plastics.


  • Avoid non-stick utensils for cooking


If you thought that all the non-stick cookwares you bought were worth the bargain, you sir, are wrong. It can cause serious troubles that you might haven’t even thought of. The teflon coating used for making your non-stick pans, bakeware, pots, and other utensils contain PFC’s or the (tongue-twister alert!) Perfluorinated Chemicals that have been directly linked to various development problems as well as cancer. So, instead replace them with the traditional cookware such as aluminium and cast iron pots and pans to make healthy foods.


  • Replace your beauty & body care products with greener and natural ones


The one thing that harms you the most and at the same time is often ignored is the body and skin care products that you use everyday. If you’ve ever thought that they were safe, they’re not. Most of the skin care creams, deodorants, cosmetics, nail polishes, and hair care products are loaded with toxins and chemicals that can harm your body. That’s why, it is important to identify them and avoid them.

Said that, not all cosmetics and body care products are harmful for you. There are the greener, eco-friendly & natural products that can effectively serve your purpose. TheOrganic.Life always strives to promote those brands that comply to these regulations, and you can easily find trusted cosmetics and beauty care products at our online store.


  • Choose the right carpet for your floors


This can be a crucial especially when there are babies or infants at home, as you should be conscious of the toxin involved in carpeting. It is advisable that you replace the toxic synthetic materials used while installing, such as glues, adhesives, stains, and sealers, with non-toxic ones.


  • Refrain from using harmful pet care products


Often, most pet care products contain harmful chemicals added to it. That’s why, it becomes very important to use only natural and toxin-free pet care products. Pest control products are also very important to be non-toxic for your health, even while preventing the pests in your home or garden. If you’re finding it difficult to find the suitable non-toxic products for your home, your search end here. At our store, we have a wide range of trusted organic pet care products and pest control products, which can be delivered anywhere in India.

Ensuring that your home is toxin free is very important to prevent various unforeseen health problems to anyone in your family. By changing these customs in your home, you can avoid the accumulation of toxic chemicals that can harm you.

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