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4 Reasons You Should Start Composting Kitchen Waste Today

4 Reasons You Should Start Composting Kitchen Waste Today

In India, the urban city dwellers throw away about one-half of the food they eat. The dustbins are always packed with garbage, exuding foul odor and making it difficult for a person to walk by. Although the Government is trying to create a more clean and healthier India by advising us on sustainable waste management techniques but, how many people are actually changing their ways to promote that endeavor? Even if you throw the food scraps in the dustbins and not elsewhere, still you are creating a huge amount of garbage on a daily basis. So, it looks like proper waste management is not enough to create a healthier India. We all need to start composting organic waste and recycling the non-organic ones to create a difference.

4 Reasons Why Composting Is So Important

Increasing Demand For Organic Fertilizers

India is primarily an agricultural nation. The crops require high-quality organic fertilizers to thrive. Hence, food and kitchen waste composting can turn out to be really useful for your plants. It has been noticed that excessive use of chemical fertilizers drops the production rate in plants. If you use kitchen waste composted fertilizers, your plants will not only live well and grow better, but also give good yields throughout the season. Hence, you should take to composting kitchen and household organic waste to produce high-quality organic manure for your plants.

Cost Efficient Method To Fertilize Gardens

People who are living in the cities do not wish to spend a fortune on high-quality chemical fertilizers. Generally, they have small terrace or balcony gardens where they grow a few veggies and flowers. Hence, they mostly go for bio compost or animal manure to fertilize their plants. If you are one of them, composting kitchen waste is indeed a cost effective option for you. It is easy and does not require anything extra, only a vessel for composting and the microorganisms that will compost your kitchen waste.

It Is Good For The Environment

The environment will thank you if you compost all the kitchen waste and use them in your gardens. It is going to get rid of environmental hazards and lift a huge burden off the shoulders of Mother Nature. Chemical fertilizers are not only unhealthy for the plant but also your health as you are going to consume the edibles later. So, get rid of any such risks or hazards to your health by using kitchen waste composted fertilizers for your gardens.

Personal Satisfaction

It always feels good to contribute something towards the environment. If you start composting your kitchen waste right away, you will feel a great sense of satisfaction. It will solve a lot of environmental problems like traces of chemicals in the runoffs from the fields, pesticides in fruits and veggies and the increase of infertility in plants due to excessive use of chemicals. Moreover, your plants will thrive from the organic manure. That will be another reason for your happiness.

So, if you want to make some kind of contribution towards environmental health, start composting your food scraps and kitchen waste today. You can do it either with the help of household materials or you can buy a kitchen waste composter from an online store. It will save both your time and efforts. Thus, we can help create a healthier country by taking a combined approach towards kitchen waste composting.

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